Sunday, May 31, 2009


Dr. Ih-Jen Su, speaks on national evening news as a representative of the Ministry of Health that CRYPTOMONADALES can be used to treat Diabetes and blood cholesterol. Mentions that Cryptomonadales is more effective than currently available drugs.

Dr. Ih-Jen Su is the research director for the National Health Research Institute (NHRI) of Taiwan He overseas the SARs and Avian Birdflue HN51 Virus research.

Recent studies confirm that CRYPTOMONADALES contains valuable components like phycocyanin and PPARs agonists, both represent the most promisng essential nutrtion for the 21st century. It will be a previledge for us to own this precious species of algae. I believe that Cryptomonadales will become the most prevailing health food in the 21st Century - Ih-Jen Su, MD, PhD, Professor and Distinguished Investigators, Division of Clinical Research, NHRI, Tainan, Taiwan

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When selecting health supplements, it is no longer about comparing nutrition values. There are many foods rich in nutrients. The KEY differentiating factor is the existence of PPARs. Because PPARs hold the key to UNLOCKING your cells, cells that have been damaged by our lifestyle and environment.

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